Your hands are one of the most important parts of your body. They’re always on sight and An ideal surrounding, a moment just for you, and the ritual of the hot towels. Could it be any better? And it’s just that, one of the most pleasant moments at La Barberie, is when I place the hot towels around your neck and covering a part of your face.

A relaxing ritual that’ll help to soften your beard and to set up your skin for a comfortable shave and haircut. This way, not only should you get the desired look without your skin or facial hair suffering, but also you’ll feel a new man, relaxed, and thoroughly relieved from everyday stress.

There are plenty of people who notice them. To have your nails cared says a lot about you.

A manicure will help you attain this. I will clean your fingernails well as to retrieve the cuticle and to work on the nail so it gets a natural glow without using any nail polishers. This way they’ll get a fair and natural color as they will look perfect.

And just as any treatment you’ll get at La Barberie, the most important thing is that you relax and enjoy your moment. That is why, I end up manicure always with a massage ritual using a skin moisturizer. So, apart from having perfect hands, you’ll also step out feeling relaxed and invigorated.