Hair is important for you. You have been wanting that desired look but to no avail. That is why you go to a professional to get a haircut… But what happens if that person just doesn’t get what you want?

Pay attention because for this not to happen, the first thing I do is listening to what you want, what are your tastes and what is it that you really want, so I study the shape of your face and your style. This way, not only shall I assess you but also I achieve the haircut you really want.

To come to La Barberie is not just about getting a haircut. Is to come and feel relaxed, away from your routine, and your daily chores. A spot where you’ll enjoy a skull massage intended for relaxation purposes. And I will always use products that adapt to your skin type.

It doesn’t matter about the haircut you want, it may be with shapes, traditional, or even if you want to shave your head. Get the look you’ve always wanted and feel great with yourself! Handsome, relaxed and satisfied.