A razor blade, a good soap, and a badger-brush so you can enjoy a unique experience. The pleasure of a classic shave.

To shave is an everyday chore. Most of the time you go at it fast, without thinking about the products and ingredients you use. Then your face ends up red and irritated. In the end we are not really aware of how offensive shaving machines can be, just as inadequate products and to do it hurriedly.

With a classic shave this won’t happen. For starters, I will talk to you just to know if you want a specific shape. And I will also assess you so you know what is the best for you depending on your taste and the shape of your face.

For your skin to not suffer with a facial massage, I will apply organic oils that’ll tone up your face and help you to get relaxed. I will then place hot towels on the neck area so your pores open and to not have an aggressive shave, and this will be a moment full of pleasure.

Along with the blade, soap, and brush then I will shave you taking all the time we need, with no hurries and no stress, because this moment is dedicated just for you. Once we’re done, then I will proceed to close the open pores with cold towels to avoid dirt entering the pores and blackheads. And just to finish, a special after-shave massage for your relaxing experience to be optimal and so you step out with the desired shave and just feeling relaxed after spending the only moment of the day you could afford with yourself.