Have you let your beard grow lately and finally you’ve gotten that sought-after length and thickness? But one thing is that your facial hair has grown and another is that you look unkempt and careless.

To attend a barber shop does not mean you will lose the beard you’ve worked so hard to get, but just the opposite, in order to get a healthy and cared beard you need to go to see a professional.

At La Barberie I will help to model your beard. I will guide you upon aesthetical and health issues for your beard. But, all in all, I will help you to get relaxed, to forget about stress, and to feel the pleasure of a moment designed just for you.

The first thing I’ll do, is to listen to you to get to know what you’re looking for. Then I will set your beard up with a pre-shave and essential oils in order to get it nourished and soft. I will use scented hot towels to help you relax and to improve the beard at the moment of shaving. And just to end, apart from special oils you’ll get a facial and cervical massage that will help you to disconnect from the everyday routine, and to enjoy this moment designed just for you!

You will come out from La Barberie with a beard worth of envy and you’ll feel a new man. Just because this is a spot exclusively designed for you to relax!